Cargo Barriers!

Protect your passengers and cargo!

There’s no better way to ensure that your family, staff and colleagues are protected than with an IMC Cargo Barrier.  Whether you need a cargo barrier for your commercial vehicle to protect your cargo and employees, or you need a barrier  for  your family vehicle to protect your loved ones, we have the knowledge and expertise to help.

In the event of emergency braking or a collision, the effects of having unrestrained cargo thrown forward can be catastrophic.

Safeguard your passengers by installing appropriate occupant protection!

IMC cargo barriers can provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions.

IMC Barriers are designed to ensure the protection of your family, your employees and your cargo from potential disaster with a minimal and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


IMC cargo barriers come with a range of great features.


    • Made with high quality powder coated steel

      IMC Cargo Barriers are manufactured and designed here in Canada to North American Standards and we use all North American made materials.

    • Fits in various vehicles

      IMC barriers are also able to fit from one vehicle to another, in many cases, which allows for reduced cost by repurposing barriers between vehicles.

    • No interior damage

      Our barriers are compression fit between the floor and the headliner, which means no damage to the vehicles interior, maintaining vehicle resale value.

    • Fits multiple positions

      IMC barriers install & remove in minutes and can be placed in multiple positions within the same vehicle, allowing for many configurations to be quickly enabled.

    • Easy to assemble

      Made for simple assembly, installation and removal, our barriers can easily be stored fully assembled.

    • Shipped to your door anywhere in the world.

      Our barriers are directly shipped to your home or business with all tools required for assembly included.


These Barriers Can Save Your Life – Check The Testimonial


No doubt many of you that drive a mini-van equipped with a barrier have wondered if it would hold up under the strain created in a severe crash. Recently an FE in this zone experienced a head on crash while doing 45mph. Attached is a picture of the barrier after the crash. The FE had the rear seat on the drivers side in it’s upright position, and the seat on the passenger side in the stowed position.
From the picture, we can make a couple of observations:
1. The barrier did its intended job. Although it is extremely deformed, it did stay in place, and it did prevent any of the FEs tools or equipment from striking him.
2. Clearly, the seat that was in its upright position allowed the barrier to be much more functional than the one that was stowed.
Guys, these barriers can save your life. Think about this; if you are involved in a modest 30mph accident, a soft sided tool bag that weighs just 12 pounds becomes a projectile with an effective weight of 360 pounds. In the same scenario, a 25 pound part or piece of test equipment becomes a missile with an effective weight of 750 pounds. As speed goes up, the force of implied on unsecured objects goes up almost exponentially. (For those interested, the equation for calculating the force of impact of an object in transitional motion is… Force = Mass X Change in speed / Change in time. There are many equations for g-force, etc, but the one mentioned here is agreed upon by experts to be the most accurate in vehicle accidents)
The bottom line: Install your barriers. Check them regularly to make sure they remain tight. And where possible, leave the rear seats in their upright position, and install the barrier against the backs of those seats. Finally, do not leave parts or tools in the area between the barrier and you, or it might be your head that stops that HV bleeder.


At IMC we take pride in knowing that our products can help keep you and your family protected, while traveling.